About the 1st Course

The first edition of LIMBAC was held at A4F's premises in Lisbon, in 2013.


With a very interactive programme, the attendees from 18 Microalgae Businesses and the 17 Universities represented provided an ideal environment for learning, exchanging ideas, networking and setting up of new collaborations between the industrial and academic sectors.


The first edition of the course focused largely on lectures about case studies of microalgae businesses and practical Lab sessions about isolation, cultivation and biochemical analysis of microalgae cultures.

For each theoretical class, four leading scientists were invited to share their knowledge and experience in specific topics of microalgae biotechnologies. After each session, a forum was opened for discussing and exchanging ideas.


The Second edition will give a larger emphasis to pilot plant cultivation techniques.

Who attended?

The course attracted about 50 participants from 23 countries, with an average age of 32. See in the official booklet who attended. 

Photos of the event

Practical and theoretical classes

Coffee breaks and meals

Tel: +351 218072499

Mobile: +47 47442063

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