LiMBAC’s Partner Program

The new LiMBAC’s Partner Program will allow you to present your latest products to a young generation of researchers and developers, and industry representatives. Get the most out of this speciality event dedicated to the microalgae cultivation and business!


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EABA promotes mutual interchange and cooperation in the field of algae biomass production and use, including biofuels uses and all other utilisations. It aims at creating, developing and maintaining solidarity and links between its Members and at defending their interests at European and international level... 


SCHOTT is a world leading manufacturer of glass tubes, rods and profiles and offers a wide range of high quality glass products. SCHOTT’s portfolio also includes tubular glass Photobioreactors with couplings, which is a reliable and long lasting solution for bio-secure algae cultivation.


Nutrally Algae Solutions SL is a specialty wholesaler focused on the procurement and supply of algae biomass and algae-based products, according to our Customer’s needs. Through our specialized trading organization, Nutrally aims to add value to our Customer’s business through a professional and reliable approach, providing algae-based solutions.


For many decades WAB is the undisputed specialist in the field of wet milling with its renowned DYNO®-MILL. The DYNO®-MILL products are able to process different types of algae in smallest and biggest quantities, without introducing any chemicals.
The cell disruption happens with adding the desired rate of mechanical energy, which can be adjusted.


The overall objective of Photofuel is to make a significant contribution to the development of the field of biocatalytic production of solar fuels and to assess the broad impact of this novel approach to fuel composition and engine performance in the future. These activities are carried out as part of a joint industrial and academic consortium that encompasses all central but highly diverse areas of engineering and social science needed for this challenging task.
This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 640720.


The Portuguese National Laboratory of Energy and Geology is a State Laboratory attached to the Ministry of Environment and Climate Action, which carries out advanced R&D work. Its mission is to promote technological innovation in the fields of energy and geology focused on science and technology, with the overriding objective of raising company competitiveness within a framework of sustainable economic progress. Areas include: (1) Cleaner and more efficient use of fuels; (2) New energy technologies in the commercial and industrial sectors; (3) Demonstration and promotion activities related to energy; (4) Promotion and increased use of national energy resources, through the use of new and renewable forms of energy. The Unit of Bioenergy is a recognized Centre with 4 R&D Areas: Endogenous Biomass Resource; Biofuels & Bioproducts; Microorganisms, Microalgae & Enzymes Towards Bioeconomy; Sustainability for Bioenergy.