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LEAF Research Center
Institute of Agronomy in Lisbon
University of Lisbon

Anabela Raymundo is Chemical engineer, MSc in Food Science and Technology and a PhD in Food Engineering. Associated Professor with Habilitation, integrating the LEAF (Linking Landscape, Environment, Agriculture and Food) – coordination of the group Food and Feed. 
Main research areas of interest: development of new food products; evaluation of the rheological behavior of different food matrices and relations with the structural composition. Main work focused on the use of poorly exploited food sources (e.g., microalgae) for the development of high added value products. Participates in several national and international research.

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Co-founder and Managing Partner at Tomar Natural




A4F's Senior Project Manager

Chemical Engineer in 2004, worked in France and Netherlands as a Process Engineer until 2007, when returned to Portugal. Worked as a Project Manager in the Oil & Gas sector until 2019, when transioned to A4F. Further studies: In 2008-2009 a Master in International Affairs, in 2010 Advanced Studies in Political Science and in 2013/4, an Executive Master in Business Administration and Management. Father of two: Helena, born in 2016, and in 2021 she was joined by Simão. Fluent in English, French and Spanish and backpacked in the EU, US, South America and India. Considers himself (almost) a PADI certified diver and for him nothing beats a good book.

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CEO & Founder, Algenuity

Andrew has degrees in Genetics (BSc with Honours) and Molecular and Cellular Biology (PhD) and completed postdoctoral research in mammalian developmental biology at the Mayo Clinic, Arizona USA. Always driven by discovery and impact, Andrew was challenged to found and develop a UK-based algae biotechnology company in 2009. This led to the development of Algenuity. Andrew is a passionate, creative scientific leader on a mission to deliver the full potential of the Chlorella opportunity across multiple vertical high growth markets. Andrew drives strategic vision as well as playing the key role in public and investor relations within Algenuity. Andrew is a lateral thinker, galvanizing innovator and creative problem solver.

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CEO at Biotrend
A4F's Executive Board Member for Research & Innovation

Bruno Sommer Ferreira, Chemical Engineer; PhD in Biotechnology (Technical University of Lisbon). He has performed research at Instituto Superior Técnico (Lisbon) and the University of Toronto (Canada) in diverse areas of biotechnology and bioprocess engineering. He co-authors more than 50 scientific publications and patents and was principal investigator in over 20 international collaborative research projects. He co-founded and is CEO of Biotrend, now part of the A4F group, and Executive Board Member for Research and Innovation at A4F. He is also co-founder of Silicolife. Bruno has served as vice-president of P-Bio and as member of the Executive Board of the BlueBio Alliance.



A4F's RD&I Senior Project Manager

Biologist with a Master’s degree in Cellular and Molecular Biology (2013, University of Coimbra). At A4F, she has accumulating over 8 years’ experience in microalgae production from laboratory scale to industrial scale, with participation in several European bioengineering R&D and client projects. She is currently senior RD&I project manager, participates in consultancy activities and gives support to the prospecting team.



A4F's Executive Board Member for Engineering & Industrial Projects

Edgar Santos received his PhD in Process Engineering from the University of Toulouse and the Chemical Eng. degree at IST– University of Lisbon. At A4F, he joined the senior engineering team focusing in photobioreactor engineering and R&D in European projects, the Lisbon Experimental Unit and industrial microalgae production. Edgar has an extensive knowledge and experience in project development, having participated in national and European R&D projects, and he is a specialist in the design and implementation of industrial-scale microalgae production units. He is currently A4F’s Executive Board Member for Engineering and Industrial Projects and Director of the ALGATEC Eco Business Park.

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Coordinator and Researcher at BIOREF - Collaborative Laboratory (CoLAB) in the Lisbon and Tagus Valley Hub

Elson Gomes is the coordinator of the CoLAB BIOREF branch in Póvoa de Santa Iria which is composed by 4 human resources. This team works in close collaboration with A4F in several concepts regarding microalgae biorefineries.
Elson Gomes developed his PhD work on the valorization of waste streams from the pulp and paper industry namely the production of phenolic compounds from lignin and their purification through filtration, adsorption and crystallization. His work is still focused on the recovery of high added value molecules but now obtained from a different matrix, microalgae.

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Professor at Almeria University


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Chief Scientific Officer by ALGAMA
President of EABA

Jean-Paul Cadoret has 35 years of experience in Research and Industry in the field of algae and marine biotechnology, dedicated to innovation. He has served successively as Researcher, Team leader, Lab Director and Unit Director in the governmental Institute IFREMER. Former Managing Director of the private Marine Biotech Company GREENSEA. Co-Founder of the company Algenics, and the company Iaso-Biotech, and has authored 80 publications and 10 patents. He is currently Chief Scientific Officer at ALGAMA Foodsand President of EABA - European Algae Biomass Association.

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Independent Biotechnology Professional


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A4F's Executive Board Member for Operations & Business Development

Luís Costa comes from Lisbon, Portugal. He is a Biological Engineer (2004) and a Chemical Engineering Ph.D. (2008) from the University of Lisbon.
In 2009, Luís started working at A4F – Algae for future and had several appointments in R&D, project management,  implementation of industrial scale microalgae production facilities. Since 2015, he acts as Chief Operations Officer at A4F. In 2020, Luís was appointed Executive Board Member in charge of Operations and Business Development at A4F, as well as Board Member at Biotrend, a bioprocess optimization company of the A4F Group. He has also been a member of the EABA Steering Board since 2018.

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Scientific Director Center for Biotechnology CeBiTec bei Bielefeld University


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Principal Researcher at Department of Biology & CESAM & ECOMARE,
University of Aveiro

Ricardo Calado was born in Cascais (Portugal) and in 2005 he obtained his PhD in Biology (specialization in Animal Biotechnology) by the Faculty of Sciences of Lisbon University; in 2008 he joined the University of Aveiro (UA), where he is now Principal Researcher with Habilitation. He has authored more than 240 peer reviewed scientific articles and is the Co-Editor-in-Chief of Aquaculture, Fish and Fisheries (published by Wiley). He manages the research unit CEPAM-ECOMARE (@UA) where he evaluates sustainable practices of aquaculture, namely the performance of different integrated multi-trophic aquaculture (IMTA) designs to maximize the use of nutrients supplied through aquafeeds.



A4F's Head of Seaweed Division

Presently the Head of Seaweed Division at A4F – Algae for Future. Until the beginning of 2020, he was the research director at Algaplus, Lda, a company that he co-founded in 2012. Academically trained as a Biologist, obtained his PhD in 2004, working  between the University of Porto and the University of Connecticut (UConn, USA). As researcher, including also the years in the business sector, accumulates the experience of >20 national and international research projects, several book chapters and >40 peer reviewed papers. Currently leads Worg Group 2 - Ulva in aquaculture of the Cost Action SeaWheat (CA20106) and project Biofábrica.



A4F's Head of the Innovation Center

Sara Badenes is a Chemical engineer from Instituto Superior Técnico, with PhD in Biotechnology. She started at A4F-Algae for Future in 2016 and her previous roles included: Senior R&D Project Manager, where she was involved in several international R&D projects, and Business Development Officer. In 2020, she took the lead of the Innovation Center where she manages A4F’s laboratory and pilot unit and lead the activities concerning microalgae cultivation R&D.

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Scientific Officer at Archimede Ricerche Srl

Scientific Officer at Archimede Ricerche Srl, subsidiary of A&A Fratelli Parodi Spa (Genoa) engaged in industrial production of high-quality microalgae biomass and active ingredients manufacture, running the biggest microalgae plant in Italy and founding member of EABA. MSc degree in Industrial Chemistry with 35 years of experience in energy management, process engineering, food and pharma regulations, microalgae biotechnology. Involved in BioFAT FP7 on algae biofuels and Saltgae H2020 EU projects. Former member of CEN/BT/WG218 and currently Convenor of CEN/TC454 Algae standards /WG5. Board member of EABA. Coordinator of Organic production Committee of AISAM.

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General Manager at Algikey

Graduated from the University of Lisbon School of Sciences with a Masters in Microbiology and Genetics, followed by a PhD in Chemistry from Princeton University where he worked on metabolic engineering of algae for the production of Fuels and other high value products. 
In 2013, joined the A4F's R&D team, in Lisbon, where he led several R&D projects with the goal of industrialization of algae biomass production for applications in fuels, cosmetics, food and feed, until he became the head of the R&D department. 
In 2021 completed The Lisbon MBA program leaping into starting Algikey which is a trader of algae products and solutions. 



A4F's Co-founder and Board Member
General Manager EABA

Vítor Verdelho Vieira is mentor of several companies that he co-founded with partners in different sectors. He started his first microalgae biotech company Necton in, and he is also co-founder and board member of A4F - Algae for Future. 
At present he is the General Manager of EABA, an association that represents the algae sector in Europe. He organized and managed 22 specific workshops in topics related with microalgae and seaweed. He is also visiting professor in Católica Porto Business School and School of Arts in Catholic University, and co-author of the 3 volumes high impact Book: The Business Case Roadmap. 
With a background in Physics, he established his biotech and management knowledge through a comprehensive consulting experience and more than a dozen specialized training courses in Portugal and abroad. His career objectives are to develop global projects, involving technology and innovation in a ‘knowledge management’ challenging framework.